Traditional Pricing

We do guarantee to beat any pricing in the United States

Our merchants average 2.40% including everything with interchange plus pricing

Debit .30%

Rewards 1.59%-2.59%

Authorization fee $.10

Monthly Fee $10.00

No hidden fees

Free cost comparison available upon request.

Dual Pricing

Do you want to eliminate all of your merchant service fees?

3.50% added to all credit and debit cards

Business pays $30.00 per month

Check out our new Dual Pricing program

Business must post both credit pricing and cash pricing on all products.

**If you can only post 1 price it has to be the credit price

Stand alone terminal

In person on terminal Ethernet, Wifi, Wireless, Dial

Online Virtual Terminal

Recurring Payments

Auto Updater

Smart Phone App

Invoicing Custom


Level 3 Card Optimization for Business and Government Cards

Shopping Cart

Integration with WooCommerce and Magento

Custom Reporting

Add Products with Pictures to Shopping Cart


Surcharge is legal in most states except the following: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. Business can legally add a 3.00% surcharge fee to all credit cards. This 3.00% fee covers most of credit and rewards cards fees. You can not add it to debit cards so you still pay the fee on debit cards and the difference of anything over 3% on rewards cards. You eliminate most of your fees minus the debit card fees and credit fees.

Debit card transactions are .30%.

We offer free cost comparison if you would like to see what you are paying now compared to what you would be paying with us.

We guarantee the lowest pricing in the U.S. for life.

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